Verification of Facts is the Heart and Soul of Journalism

On October 7, 2023 nearly 2,000 innocent civilians were brutally murdered in the name of an Islamic Jihad movement targeting Jewish people and their allies. 241 more people were taken hostage, raped, or tortured by Hamas militants and other assorted Palestinian Jihadists.

The media has been intentionally lackluster in its verification of facts during the current conflict, and everyone from the New York Times to local news stations have been caught lying red handed after relying on information coming from Hamas, which, and I cannot overstate this: IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. The only reason media outlets are relying on such unreliable sources to publish their stories is because they want the information coming from Hamas to be true.

Saying "We could not independently verify any facts" at the end of a 3 hour broadcast or 5 page story does not absolve you of your responsibility to do the bare minimum to halt the spread of factually incorrect information.

It is imperative that journalists and media organizations alike stop playing fast and loose with headlines and stories simply because some guy riding a camel made a comment about how bad Israel is. We get it, they don't like Israel, they don't like Jews, they don't like the West, and they're willing to lie in order to meet their PR objectives.

Until the mainstream media outlets start fact-checking stories to the point where they are at least somewhat accurate most of the time, we are going to continue to publish satire pieces calling them out for their unethical behavior.

In order to avoid confusion, all satire publications will be labeled with "We could not independently verify any facts".